Significant Yorkshire Air Ambulance Fundraising Milestone Announced

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23 April 2024

Doncaster Racecourse and Yorkshire Air Ambulance are celebrating a remarkable fundraising milestone, having collectively raised over £162,000 during the last 14 years, to support the life-saving work of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service. This significant achievement highlights the power of community collaboration and the commitment of both organisations to ensuring swift and effective emergency response across Yorkshire.

The partnership between Doncaster Racecourse and Yorkshire Air Ambulance has been instrumental in generating funds that directly contribute to maintaining the crucial services provided by the air ambulance. Through various initiatives, events and generous donations from supporters, the partnership has exceeded expectations, demonstrating a shared dedicated to the well-being of the community.

“We are thrilled to announce that our partnership with Yorkshire Air Ambulance has surpassed the £162,000 mark in fundraising efforts,” said Rachel Harwood, executive director at Doncaster Racecourse. “This achievement reflects the incredible generosity of our patrons, sponsors, and supporters who have rallied behind this cause. Every pound raised contributes to ensuring that the Yorkshire Air Ambulance can continue to save lives and provide critical care when it matters the most.”

The funds raised by Doncaster Racecourse and Yorkshire Air Ambulance will directly support he operations of the air ambulance service, including vital medical equipment, training for flight crew, and maintaining the helicopters to ensure rapid response times during emergencies across the region.

Katie Collinson, partnerships manager at Yorkshire Air Ambulance said “We are immensely grateful for the ongoing support of Doncaster Racecourse and everyone involved in this partnership. These finds play a crucial role in sustaining our lifesaving missions, and they represent the collective efforts of a caring community that values the importance of emergency medical services. 

The success of this fundraising collaboration underscores the positive impact that businesses and organisations can have when they join forces for a common cause. Doncaster Racecourse and Yorkshire Air Ambulance invite continued support from the public to further enhance their contributions to emergency medical services in Yorkshire.

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