Doncaster Racecourse Announces Sponsorship With Signet

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26 October 2023

Doncaster based industrial distribution business teams up with the racecourse on a contract to support racing & events.

Signet, a prominent name in the industrial and maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) sector, proudly reveals their one-year sponsorship of Doncaster Racecourse. This collaboration is aimed at supporting the local sporting community, whilst highlighting Signet’s dedication to nurturing local talent and fostering community engagement. 

The sponsorship also aligns with the business’s’ 25th Anniversary this year, marking another significant milestone in their history. 

On the topic of milestones, Signet has also launched a striking new brand identity that will be showcased throughout the course grounds. Patrons and racegoers can expect to see advertisements prominently displaying the company’s latest look in celebration of their 25 years of excellence. 

John Pogmore, Managing Director of Signet, expressed his enthusiasm for this agreement, stating, "We are thrilled to be supporting another local business through this partnership with Doncaster Racecourse. Our team have been associated with the venue for a number of years, after attending Christmas parties and fantastic events. The sponsorship coinciding with our 25th Anniversary makes giving back to our local sporting venues all the more special. It's not just about promoting our brand, it's about being an active part of our community."

In addition to this, Signet has also launched a new website, significantly enhancing their visibility in the local area for all engineering and industrial businesses. The website will serve as a valuable resource for both local and national companies seeking top-quality industrial and MRO solutions and services.

As Signet forges this exciting partnership with Doncaster Racecourse, they remain dedicated to their core values and their local community, promising a thrilling year of collaboration ahead.

For more information about Signet Industrial and their services, visit  

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