10 Things You Didn’t Know About Beach Boys Co-founder

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18 July 2018

The legendary Beach Boys co-founder, Brian Wilson will be joining us after racing on the 18th August, and we are SUPER excited! Widely regarded as one of the most influential songwriters of the 21st Century, Brian Wilson is known for his catchy up-beat songs, but did you know these 10 facts about Brian Wilson?

1. When Paul McCartney heard Pet Sounds for the first time, he declared “God Only Knows” to be the best song ever written. 


2. When Wilson recorded Smile, the Beach Boys co-founder had a sandbox built around his piano so he could feel the beach beneath his feet while he composed.


3. Wilson opened a short-lived health food store called “Radiant Raddish” 


4. When Brian Wilson met Elvis Presley, he upset Elvis due to repeatedly feigning karate chops at the King’s stomach. 


5. “God Only Knows” was written in under an hour.


6. It took Brian Wilson 5 years to get his drivers license, he kept getting distracted by the radio dial. 


7. The song “Good Vibrations” was inspired by a conversation Wilson had with his mother about how dogs can sense if a person is going to be friendly to them or not … “They feel the good vibrations” 


8. When Wilson became gripped by paranoia during the Smile recording sessions, he insisted that all of his meetings be conducted in his swimming pool.


9. When working on a piece of music, Wilson calls segments of harmonies “feels”.


10. According to several accounts, Brian Wilson lost hearing in his right ear after a blow to the head from his father. 

Let us know if you know any more fascinating facts about Brian Wilson! 

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