Magical Family Fun Day

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28 February 2020

Fans of Harry Potter unite... as Doncaster Racecourse will transform into a Magical World of Dragons, Unicorns, and Wand Waving wizards!  
Sunday 29 March 12-6pm.
Enter the racecourse of magic and wizardry... where Professor Dumblecaster and the magical hat will determine your house. 
Little wizards can make & decorate their own wand, learn some spells from Professor Pout  before being inducted into the racing school of wizardry. 

After all that hard work... it'll be time for a FREE Unicorn ride, even the Ponies are joining in!  

However you best watch out for the Smoke Breathing Deygo Dragon... as he will be wandering the racecourse throughout the day, looking for his baby dragon.  

There's also all the fun of the fairground, Wise Owls, the official Great British Racing Treasure Hunt and 8 exciting races, including Doncaster’s First UNICORN race... but don't forget to get to catch the train on time!  

We solemnly swear this will be SO GOOD 
FAMILY TICKET ON SALE NOW for just £20 . Advance Purchase Offer only. 


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